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Terms and conditions of use for ALL users of this site

  • You agree that using this site constitutes your unqualified acceptance of all and any terms and conditions express or implied by The Accountants Institute, LLC (AI).
  • You understand that if you do not agree in whole or in part with any of the Terms and Conditions you should not use this site.
  • The Accountants Institute reserves ALL rights express and otherwise.
  • AI means The Accountants Institute, LLC.
  • The AI web site is wholly owned by The Accountants Institute, LLC.
  • Member or Members means a registered Member of The Accountants Institute, LLC

Agents Acting for or Purporting to act for Accountants Institute

All persons and corporations acting on behalf of Accountants Institute do so at their own risk and Accountants Institute does not accept liability for their actions whatsoever. Persons and corporations interacting with Accountants Institute directly or indirectly and or via a person or corporation purporting to act on behalf of or be an agent of Accountants Institute agree that Accountants Institute is not and will not be held liable whatsoever for the actions of said persons or corporations whatsoever, and that the relationship between the said agent and the person or corporation is between those two entities and that Accountants Institute is not a party whatsoever to that relationship.

Copyright and ownership

All persons and corporations agree that copyright of all material contained or used in conjunction with the Web Site belongs exclusively to The Accountants Institute, LLC.
Ownership and responsibility for the content of Members information is retained by the Member and The Accountants Institute, LLC have no liability for the content or impact of such material to anyone whatsoever.

Membership Registration Details

All Members agree that they will enter correct registration details and at all times maintain those details as valid and accurate. Fictitious or seriously incorrect, or misleading information will be deemed as a breach of policy and the Member may face disciplinary action at the discretion of the Chairman or Chairman’s Deputy.


Password ownership and the maintenance of passwords is the responsibility of the Member. Liability for the incorrect use and issue of passwords rests with the password owner.

Fees, Subs and other costs

Please refer to the Fees and Subs Page for the latest rates.
All prices are net of any sales tax and or other charges.


All payments will be made as directed by AI.
AI take no responsibility for actions or transactions that occur outside of this site. All transactions occurring between a Member or prospective Member and an AI Payment Partner are exclusively between those two bodies.
Although our Payment Partners are extremely reliable and secure, AI makes no warranties or guarantees on behalf of any third-parties.


A Member can terminate his or her Membership with AI by using the “Contact us” email link from within the Members Account page or by contacting the Membership Officer directly, explaining why they wish to terminate their Membership.
Upon receipt of the termination email, the Members relationship will cease and the Member will no longer be entitled to any of the benefits of Membership. No refunds will be allowed against any monies received from the Member prior to termination.
At the point of termination all material agreed upon as property of AI - that is in the possession of the Member - must be returned to AI immediately. Any such documentation and material that the Member has, that can not be returned to AI, must be destroyed.
Reversal of a termination is exceptional, but is at the sole discretion of the Chairman. Any voluntarily terminated Member may apply for re-instatement by making an email plea to the Chairman.
AI reserves the right to terminate a Member at any time subject to the discretion of the AI Chairman.

Limitation of liability

Our total liability to any Member in respect of any Service is limited to the total amount paid to us for that service or one hundred US dollars, whichever is the lesser.

Web Site Usage Policy

The Members and all other users of The AI Web Site agree to abide by the Web Site Usage Policy and Terms and Conditions of usage as defined and amended from time to time by AI. The policy aims to protect all those that may wish to use the Web Site, and ensure that the experience of users is as pleasant as possible. AI reserve the right to block any person or corporation from using the Web Site if found in breach of this policy without any liability whatsoever to those users or others that may be directly or indirectly involved or impacted.

The Current Policy is:

  • All Members agree that they are solely responsible for their information that they upload to the Web Site, and they warrant that the information is benign in both content and behaviour.
  • AI reserves the right to inspect, delete or block any uploaded information that is deemed unsuitable. The material of owners of unsuitable information will be removed without any liability to AI whatsoever.
  • Any damage caused by unsuitable usage of The AI web site will be compensated for in full to AI, without any exception or limitation, by the user causing the damage


All users and Members agree that AI is not responsible for providing any equipment whatsoever to them or any other person or corporation that may wish to use the Web Site.

Content and links

Links contained within uploaded information are not allowed, and are considered a breach of this agreement. Links contained within CV’s are not allowed, and are considered a breach of this agreement. Any uploaded information containing links may be deleted at the discretion of AI, without any refund or liability owing to the Member or user whatsoever. The Member agrees to indemnify AI from and against any claims or liability arising from content or links contained in uploaded information.


AI does not give any warranty or guarantee whatsoever as to the performance of the Web Site. AI makes every effort to maintain a quality service; however the nature of the internet is such that no guarantees can be given and that no liability therefore will arise. AI does not give any warranty express or implied as to the quality and content of any of the material contained within the Web Site whatsoever. AI disclaims all responsibility and liability whatsoever for any damages or losses howsoever arising to anyone using or involved with the use of the Web Site, as allowed by law. Any links contained within the Web Site or associated Web Sites are not the responsibility of AI and AI is not liable whatsoever. AI disclaims all liability and responsibility including negligence for any information contained within or resulting from The AI Web Site.

Advertising Material

All advertisers agree to accept full responsibility for all Adverts they submit to AI, and that those Adverts are lawful, right and proper. All errors, omissions and inaccuracies in the Adverts are the exclusive responsibility of the advertiser.

Privacy policy

AI at all times endeavours to maintain the privacy and security of any data handled.

Details provided to AI

All information provided to AI is used in conjunction with the provision of services to both Members and prospective Members. It is the policy of AI not to share this information with any third party unless under legal obligation to do so.


Cookies are not used by The AI Web Site.


AI takes the security of the Web Site very seriously, and the very best efforts are made to ensure that the latest security technology is employed within the Web Site.

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