Qualifications Overview
Our Approach to Qualifications...

Accountants Institute® has adopted a strategy of continual improvement concerning the development of our qualifications and assessment methods. Since the beginning of 2010 Accountants Institute has invested resources into accredited qualifications, and this investment has resulted in the formal approval of seven of the Accountants Institute qualifications by the Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC) and the Financial Services Partnership (FSP) in the United Kingdom.

Accountants Institute® is committed to the Ofqual Regulatory Arrangements for the "Regulated Qualifications Framework" (RQF), which provides a “flexible regulated qualifications framework containing units and qualifications that recognise the widest possible range of quality assured learner achievements”.

As part of our commitment to our Learners it is our policy to make quality professional qualifications accessible to all those people in the world who have the desire to better themselves, especially those less privileged than the average. That is why In addition to providing our existing Professional Academic Qualifications Accountants Institute® intends to deliver qualifications at all levels at some point in the future. Our objective is to provide a contiguous route for students to follow throughout their career. Anyone can register with Accountants Institute to study and pass our exams. From the moment of registration they can gain qualifications fast by diligent study, hard work, and determination; we simply provide the vehicle to help you make it happen.

FSSC/FSP Approval of Our Qualifications...

FSSC/FSP Approval of Our Qualifications... The Accountants Institute® qualifications have been approved since 2010 by the Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC) and again in 2012 by the Financial Services Partnership (FSP) in the United Kingdom. To date we have had a total of eighteen awards approved, and we have plans to significantly expand our Qualifications portfolio within the near future.

Entry Requirements...

Entry Requirements... The ethos of Accountants Institute® is based upon; "making the attainment of professional qualifications available to anyone who desires to better themselves through academic achievement as accessible and non-discriminatory as possible". This means that students from all walks of life, colour, creed, privilege, and background are welcome to study for the Accountants Institute® Qualifications.

Students should ideally be experienced in completing a programme of study up to at least Level 3, and should have attained success in pre-adult education.

The Examinations of the Institute are available to Registered members (Affiliate and above) who must be at least 16 years of age before the date of registration. Applicants must in all aspects be regarded as a fit and proper person before registration can be confirmed. Upon successfull registration the Applicant will be notified by E-Mail and upon the payment of the appropriate fees can then commence studying for the Institute qualifications.

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