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Accountants Institute® is committed to providing high quality service to our Members in a cost controlled manner. In order to do this we depend upon your co-operation. Please ensure that your communication with us is essential, and contains as much relevant information as possible (This should speed up our response). Whenever possible use electronic methods such as email, and members should always quote their member number. We will then endeavour to respond fully as soon as we can. Only use surface mail when there is no alternative. Thanks...!
Accountants Institute®UK Office
36 New King Street, Bath BA1 2BN, United Kingdom
No. 251, North Si Huan Zhong Road, Hai Dian District, Convention Centre 11th Floor, Beijing 100083, China
Middle East & Africa
Administration Office,Kafori 4,Khartoum – Bahry
Tel: 00249912327066 – 00249912193963 - 00249123291111

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