Higher Institute for Professional Development & Training (HIPDET) Cameroon
Our Chairman

HIPDET - Who We Are: The Higher Institute for Professional Development and Training (HIPDET) is a modern and progressive Training College dedicated to developing professional capacities in young people, and assisting them into lucrative careers. It is structured to fill existing gaps in the professional education system in Cameroon by introducing new productive fields of study, introducing an innovative practical-based approach of study, and responding to employers’ specific needs for professionalism. To this end, our goal is to offer the necessary training to expand not only on chances to succeed at related examinations but also to increase professional suitability that instantly attracts employers in this era of economic competition. We take pride in our numerous partnerships with leading companies for the practical training we emphasize.

HIPDET - Vision and Mission: Vision: In the next decade, HIPDET will play a leading role in transforming the lives of our students, their communities and the economic prosperity of Cameroon by responding to learner and community needs through the use of partnerships, innovation, outreach and technology. Our Mission is to foster the success of our students and their communities through innovative, flexible learning opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds, and aspirations resulting in self-fulfillment and competitiveness in an increasingly global society.

HIPDET - What We Do: HIPDET is a business college focused on delivering high quality education to students in Cameroon. We leverage the expertise and enthusiasm of our lecturers to deliver meaningful and valuable education to our students throughout Cameroon. As a Ministry of Education Approved College, and Accountants Institute Approved Business School we offer high quality courses covering a range of subjects including; Accountancy, Governance and Business Management.

HIPDET - Our Accreditation: HIPDET operates in Cameroon and is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of employment and vocational Training, and we are recognized by Accountants Institute as an Approved Business School. We understand the needs of our students and graduates, and the importance of offering them valuable and meaningful education that delivers high-class qualifications. That is why we have invested heavily into gaining recognition by the Ministry of Higher Education, and engaging with an international Professional Membership Body such as Accountants Institute.

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