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Our Organization...

Accountants Institute® is a modern and progressive Qualification Awarding & Professional Membership Organization devoted to Specialist Accountants world-wide. Our Membership is comprised of professionals from a broad spectrum of industries, organizations, and academia. Although vastly diverse in our cultures we all share one thing in common: the desire to achieve the very best we can through; vision, determination, and focused dedication.

Vision: Our vision is to be globally the most influential Accountants Institute, providing our members with a primary resource for high-value qualifications, training, events, peer integration, and career progression.

Mission: We provide high-quality support and service to Specialist Accountants enabling them to add value to their organizations. We achieve this through technology and by engaging smart management of our resources.

What we do...


As an Awarding Organization we promote the study and examination of specialist skills in Accountancy, Corporate and Project Governance, and Project Management.
We leverage technology to deliver quality generated assessments – via eAssessment – to Learners around the world.
Our qualifications are open to non-members as well as members, and unlike many Professional Membership organizations retention of your academic qualifications is NOT dependent upon membership.

Professional Membership

Accountants Institute® represents the best interests of Professional Accountants, and serves to provide our Members with the support they need throughout their career. There are four grades of Professional Membership, they are:

  • Fellow Qualified Accountant (FQA)
  • Registered Qualified Accountant (RQA)
  • Qualified Accounting Technician (QAT)
  • Graduate Accounting Technician (GAT)

You can progress as far as you wish, and when you find your level you can stick. We won't time-bar you for making a decision about Your career. Or you can go all the way, it's your career, it's your choice!

Our Ethics...

Although not a member, Accountants Institute® Supports the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC®) ethos and is committed to its broad objective of developing and enhancing a coordinated worldwide accountancy profession with harmonised standards.

Accountants Institute® has defined standards of professional conduct and competence for all members. We have adopted IFAC’s Code of Ethics in their entirety in order to provide our members with a clear set of guiding principles to abide by.

Our History...

Accountants Institute was incorporated in the USA in 2004 as ACPA and we changed our name in 2014 to reflect our rapid growth and expansion into the broader spectrum of specialist Accountancy disciplines. Our success is linked to our progressive approach to examination methods, and the introduction of our unique web-based Exam-Engine™ called PassPort™.

Although our origins are in the USA, we’re a global organization, and have our Administration based in Slovenia, Europe. In 2012 we incorporated in the United Kingdom.

Our Accreditation...

Accountants Institute® is committed to supporting our Members and Learners in every way possible. We understand that Professional people are serious about their career and qualifications, and that they need to be part of an Organization that puts their best interests first.

As a Professional Membership and Qualification Awarding Organization we constantly strive to advance Accountants Institute, and to raise the profile of our Members and Learners. In support of these objectives Accountants Institute embarked upon a programme of enhancements, which − apart from gaining approval for our qualifications by FSSC/FSP − has delivered us with Recognition status from the Qualification and Examinations Regulator: Ofqual in the United Kingdom.

Because of the high standards set by Ofqual and the demanding Criteria for Recognition our programme took over two years to complete and culminated with the award of Ofqual Recognition from 12th February 2013.
Although we are delighted with the results of this programme we are well aware that this signifies a milestone in our quest to become the Institute of choice for Specialist Accountants and Project Professionals and as such marks the beginning of our journey not only to maintain Recognition but also to continue the advancement of our own quality standards on behalf of our Members and Learners.

Ofqual recognition

Because of the high standards set by Ofqual and the demanding Criteria for Recognition our programme took over two years to complete and culminated with the award of Ofqual Recognition from 12th February 2013.

AI is committed to the Ofqual Regulatory Arrangements for the “Regulated Qualifications Framework” (RQF), which provides a “flexible regulated qualifications framework containing units and qualifications that recognise the widest possible range of quality assured learner achievements”.

FSSC FSP Approval

AI qualifications have been approved since 2010 by the Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC) and by the Financial Services Partnership (FSP) in the United Kingdom. To date we have had a total of eighteen awards approved.

Strategic Global Alliance canada PBA

Strategic Global Alliance with the professional business accountant society of canada pba
An agreement has been reached between AI and PBA for mutual recognition of qualification and credits. AI learners / graduates will be able to apply for exemption from the PBA qualification and be awarded the Accounting Technician Certificate (ATC) which is equivalent to our RQA qualification. Our learner would also be eligible to apply for the PBA International Membership of the Society. To qualify as a full PBA Member, learner would have to take an additional 2 units / modules for Canadian Taxation.

PBA Canada was rebranded on January 1, 2015 and was previously known as Registered Public/Professional Accountant – created in Alberta in 1980, Canada in 1984, Atlantic Canada in 1996, Ontario in 2013 and British Columbia in 2014. Their newest addition is the PBA International Chapter in October 2016.
PBA – Professional Business Accountant (Public Business Accountant in Alberta) was trademarked in 2015.

Our Standards...

Accountants Institute® has been compliant with ISO 17024:2003 (now 17024:2012) since 2009, which is the International benchmark for personnel certification schemes. The International Standard aims to harmonize the various procedures used around the world for certifying the competence of personnel in different professions. It provides a global benchmark for certification schemes to ensure that they operate in a consistent, comparable and reliable manner worldwide, thus establishing an environment for the mutual recognition of schemes and facilitating the global mobility of personnel.

Since 2010 we have adopted a policy to harmonize our qualifications with the definitions determined by the United Kingdom Qualification Regulator Ofqual. This harmonization has led to a clearer definition of membership grades and the improved correlation between Professional Membership and Qualification requirements.

The Accountants Institute® qualifications have been approved by the Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC) and Financial Services Partnership (FSP) in the United Kingdom since 2010.


Our Corporate and Administrative structure is a hybrid combination of; Policy Governance, Advisory Boards, and Results Based Executive Board.

This model was adopted to provide the most effective structure, delivering strong quality Governance within a framework of value added progression, which is required to convert strategic aims into tactical action.
We're also committed to Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and undertake Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Reporting.

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