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Accountants Institute Established in 2004, is a modern and progressive Qualification Awarding & Professional Membership Organisation devoted to Specialist Accountants world-wide. Our Membership is comprised of professionals from a broad spectrum of industries, organisations, and academia. Although vastly diverse in our cultures we all share one thing in common: the… Read More


Our Approach to Professional Membership & Qualification Accountants Institute has taken a scientific approach towards qualifications and how they relate to the professional status of modern Accountants. We have taken our existing “Recognition of Prior Learning” (RPL) policy and further developed it to include the latest andragogical advances concerning…

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Our Approach Accountants Institute (AI) has adopted a strategy of continual improvement concerning the development of our qualifications and assessment methods. Since the beginning of 2010 we have invested resources into accredited qualifications. This investment has resulted in the formal approval of seven of the AI qualifications by the Financial Services…

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